• Loan Consultants
    You can approach any accredited loan consultant of Asialink all over the Philippines. Our Loan Consultants are always ready to help any client.

  • Telephone
    Call the Branch nearest to you for your inquiries. To find an Asialink Branch, click here.

  • In person
    It is always better to apply when you are there in person. Bring the necessary documents for a faster processing of your loan.

Requirements would depend on the kind of product you will avail of. The interest rates as well as the processing time also vary depending on the type of product that you apply.

To know about or Products and Services, click here.

Asialink application forms are not for sale therefore there are no application fees.

The form of payment of the amortization is done through a Post Dated Check (PDC). Upon the release of your loan, you will issue PDC's to our company as a form of security of payment to us.

Yes you may. Asialink would be happy to open a checking account for you.

An office representative will call to inform you if your application is already approved and will tell you the instructions on how to claim your loan.

Please get in touch with our collection agency nearest your location. Click here for contact details.

There is no need to pay off the loan. You can renew your loan if you had already paid at least 60% of your loan, however, the balance would be deducted from the proceeds of your new loan application.

Loan Renewals are accommodated by our Renewal Department. You can call (632) 635-4884 or proceed directly to the branch near you. Our marketing department is happy to help you.

No need. You are only required to send your latest proof of income or bank statements.

Yes. Generally, Asialink gives a higher amount to those clients renewing especially those who have good credit standing with us. Although, there are exceptions that can happen through a case to case business.

Yes. However, expect that there is a faster process than the first time since you are already part of our database.

Yes. Please contact the Asialink Branch that manages your account and they will provide you with the accurate computation.